ODL Blinds + Glass XL

More light. More safety. More control. Even bigger. 

Introducing the Only Enclosed Blinds for Large Format Windows and Doors

Consumers want to let more light into their homes and get a stronger sense of connection with the outdoor environment. Oversized windows and patio doors help facilitate the growing need to embrace light and nature in home architecture. However, it leaves builders with the unenviable task of finding security and privacy solutions for their clients in these extra-large sizes. 

Enter Blinds + Glass XL

Blinds + Glass XL are the only enclosed light and privacy control solution for popular large-format windows and glass doors. This expansion of the ODL  product line is ideal for residential home applications to let the light in while still ensuring privacy and security concerns are met. Go above and beyond homeowners’ expectations with beautiful oversized patio doors and windows  with Blinds + Glass XL.

The Details of Blinds + Glass XL

Blinds + Glass XL products cover an area up to 28ft², well over anything else comparable in the market today, where integrated window treatments over 18ft² are severely limited. The XL product size range is 9”-63” x 46”-90” and designed to work with 8-foot sliding, folding patio doors and large windows.


Blinds + Glass XL are perfect for bath windows, sliders, patios, overlooks, and large picture windows in residential and multi-family building projects. Enjoy the color selection you find in current size Blinds + Glass solutions, along with the same design standards that make all ODL products great. 


Get Your Blinds + Glass XL Today

Blinds + Glass XL are shipping soon! To learn more about this new, innovative product solution from ODL, download this tech sheet and send it to your window or door manufacturer today.