ODL Blinds + Glass:

Enclosed Window and Door Blinds That Protect Your Home and Elevate Your Style


Blinds enclosed between glass offer privacy and light control without dangerous cords, endless dusting, or annoying slamming. ODL Blinds + Glass is our premier enclosed blinds offering that offers endless customization, elevated design and superior functionality.

Privacy, light control and ergonomics matter to homeowners. Blink enclosed blinds offer seamless control over all these aspects, with minimal cleaning and maintenance and superior ease of use.

Baby leaning on a window with Blink enclosed blinds

What Are Blinds Between Glass?

Enclosed blinds are, as their name suggests, venetian blinds sealed between two panes of glass. However, unlike the venetian blinds or popular window treatments in most homes, enclosed blinds do not raise, lower, or tilt using frustrating cords or dangling rods. Instead, they rely on unique internal mechanisms and simple user controls to be raised and lowered, making ODL Blinds + Glass more effective and less of a headache to use.

ODL designs and manufactures enclosed blinds specifically for patio doors, sliding doors, French doors, other hinged entry doors, and windows.

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In addition to Blinds + Glass products, ODL, Inc. also offers an add-on enclosed blind product that can be used with your existing door.

ODL Enclosed Blinds: Our Approach

ODL has been in the glazing industry for the better part of a century. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of craftsmanship, design and production. As such, our Blink enclosed blinds are developed with the utmost attention to users’ wants and needs.



Like traditional window coverings, enclosed window blinds should meld with your home’s design, style, and décor. At ODL, we carefully design and engineer our blinds between glass products to be visually cohesive. Every aspect of our blinds between glass products is thoughtfully designed to not only look great on its own, but in your home environment as well. Even the smallest details, like the ergonomic operator, complements the frame and glass and offers an elevated look compared to other styles on the market.



One of consumers’ biggest concerns with enclosed blinds is their functionality; they need to be effective at light blocking. ODL delivers on this point by paying attention to the details. There are no gaps between the edge of the blinds, slats self-correct to stay level and even and light protection is complete. Our product is the best in the industry when it comes to light and privacy control.


Because enclosed window blinds are contained between panes of glass, they need to be built to last. ODL enclosed window blinds are rigorously tested over 10,000 raise/lower cycles to ensure durability and longevity. If they can’t withstand the test while continuing to provide perfect functionality, they don’t pass. We also offer a 10-year warranty on all ODL Blinds + Glass products.


No detail goes unnoticed with our enclosed blinds. From color matching, color harmony, gap elimination, and more, ODL enclosed blinds embody quality.

Family Look

ODL Blinds + Glass is a family of blinds between glass products for every window and door in the home. These products all have a consistent family look, making ODL your window covering of choice for windows, sliders and other entry doors for an extremely elevated look.

Ready for Your Project

When you have a job to do, you need a supplier you can trust. We are proud to offer best-in-class lead times for both custom and standard sizes of our products. For more information, please contact us.

Why Homeowners Love ODL Blinds + Glass

Low Maintenance

Because the blinds are enclosed between two layers of glass, it eliminates dust, debris and other residue from accumulating on the slats of the blinds. Not only does this save homeowners from the hassle of trying to clean the fragile blinds, but it prevents the slats from getting damaged in the process.


Dust and pollen from open doors and windows can get trapped on traditional blinds, reducing air quality in the home and potentially troubling those who struggle with seasonal allergies. ODL enclosed window blinds help you maintain a healthier, cleaner home.


Safe for Children and Pets

Stray cords are a leading cause of injury and death for children and pets. According to a study in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, corded blinds caused 16,827 injuries to children under six-years-old from 1990 to 2015. Many of these children were hospitalized for their injuries, and 67% were killed.

ODL blinds are enclosed in tempered safety glass and do not use external, exposed cords to raise and lower the slats, so you can trust that your children and pets are safe in your home. They have been certified “Best for Kids” by the Window Covering Safety Council and “Lab Tested, Mom Approved” by Parents for Window Blind Safety.

Effective for High-Traffic Areas

Privacy protection in high-traffic areas like entryways can be difficult and cumbersome. A traditional blind is prone to slamming against the door when it closes, does not cover the space completely, and is vulnerable to damage as people and pets go in and out. Similarly, popular window treatments like curtains and vertical blinds also do not efficiently cover sliding patio doors.

With enclosed blinds, the slats are protected, will never move from their frame, and offer complete privacy control with no gaps or spaces that let in stray light. This durable window treatment efficiently covers sliding doors, French doors and other hard-to-cover spaces.

Easy Operation

Ergonomics and ease-of-use matter. ODL’s enclosed blinds incorporate ergonomic features to make using our product easy. The ergonomic operator is easy to adjust, and because it’s a “half travel” operator, the mechanism only needs to travel half the length of the blinds to raise them all the way. Other enclosed blinds products are considered “full travel,” meaning users need to bend over or reach up high to raise and lower the blinds completely.

We also offer options for operator placement on blinds for windows, ensuring that they’re easy to reach no matter where they’re placed in the home.


Full Light Coverage

With ODL’s enclosed blinds products, there are no gaps in coverage, light leak, or uneven protection. Additionally, all the slats in our enclosed blinds are at the same angle in any position, which prevents small gaps and other light leak. This product feature is often considered the best tilt in the industry.

Traditional venetian blinds, faux wood blinds, or roman shades (and even some similar enclosed blinds products) are inconsistent across the length of the space, compromising your privacy and light protection.



ODL is endlessly customizable. Simply specify the size you need (down to 1/16” increments), glass type, product color and finish (including White, Sand, Tan, Silver Moon, Slate Gray, and Espresso), where you want the operator, and more, and we can create it for you. There are four million combination options—and growing.

10-Year Warranty

Our window coverings are made to last—and we stand behind the quality of our products, offering a 10-year warranty for all ODL Blinds + Glass products to our customers. If you are a homeowner and are having any issues with your ODL enclosed blinds, please contact the installer or dealer who purchased the project for the next steps.

ODL: Your Trusted Partner for Enclosed Blinds and Blinds Between Glass

We have 25 years of experience developing, manufacturing, and perfecting enclosed blinds for windows and doors. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to sleek and modern style that fits your home, smooth and convenient operation, and longevity. ODL Blinds + Glass does it all.

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