Safety and Certifications


Safety First

ODL Blinds + Glass not only add style to your door, but they add safety as well. Our cordless blinds are enclosed between two panels of glass, eliminating potential danger from hanging cords and have received the Parents for Window Blind Safety (PFWBS) Seal of Approval, and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) Best for Kids certificate. Both organizations strongly urge parents to use window coverings without accessible cords in homes with children. Blink is proud to be an industry leader in producing built-in blinds that reduce the safety risk for children and pets.



ODL Blinds + Glass are made with tempered, laminated or annealed glass. It is critically important that homeowners consult their local building codes to determine which type of glass is required for their ODL Blinds + Glass application.


Tempered glass is rated as safety glass and is required for all glass in entrance doors and in other glass units near entrance doors. Tempered glass fractures into pebble-sized pieces once it is broken, which reduces or minimizes the likelihood of cutting and piercing injuries when the glass is broken by human contact. Tempered glass meets the requirements of ANSI/Z97.1 (Safety Glazing Materials) and ASTM C1048 (Heat-Strengthened and Fully Tempered Flat Glass) and is excellent for entryways, commercial storefronts, display cases, railing, skylights, and overhead lighting.


Laminated glass is also rated as safety glass, and is only available for ODL® Blinds + Glass Entry Doorglass. It is a specially-fabricated type of glass created by laminating a plastic interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of annealed or heat-strengthened glass. Should the laminated glass break when impacted, the plastic interlayer holds the broken glass pieces together and helps prevent windborne debris from entering the home.

Typical applications for laminated glass are in hurricane zones for impact-rated door glass or windows, for improved noise insulation, and for improved security against break-ins.


Annealed glass is not considered to be safety glazing. It fractures into large shards and cannot be used for entryways such as side-hinged doors or patio doors, or in the vicinity of entryways. Annealed glass can be custom-cut to size, which makes it popular for custom-sized windows in areas where safety-rated glass is not required. ASTM C1036 covers the requirements for annealed glass.



Parents for Window Blind Safety (PFWBS) Seal of Approval

Parents for Window Blind Safety (PFWBS) has granted their safety certification to ODL® Blinds + Glass products. PFWBS strongly urges parents to use window coverings without accessible cords in homes with children. Window covering safety plays a vital role in saving the lives of children in preventable accidents. Although all window covering products must be manufactured in compliance with the ANSI/WCMA A1000.2012 safety standard, some can still injure children. PFWBS created the Seal of Approval program over a decade ago to inform consumers of products which have greatly reduced or eliminated the risk of injury to children or pets.

The PFWBS Seal of Approval is a true third-party certification program that performs an additional product assessment which highlights the best features of your product to retailers and helps consumers make the safest choice for window coverings.

Before giving the PFWBS "Seal of Approval," products are sent to the PFWBS Testing Committee for evaluation and review. The PFWBS testing committee reviews independent safety testing and performs a product assessment. Additional testing and reviewing is also performed by accredited testing labs to determine if the product meets the PFWBS safety criteria.


Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) Best for Kids Certificate

Window Coverings Manufacturers Association (WCMA) has granted their Best for Kids safety rating to the ODL® Blinds + Glass IG blind. Products under WCMA's (Window Covering Manufacturers Association) "Certified Best for Kids" program must pass stringent requirements to be listed as a suitable product for homes with young children and pets. This third-party certification program provides recognizable assurances that consumers seek. This easily recognized label is used as an identifier for products that meet these safety qualifications. The Best for Kids rating applies to only the ODL® Blinds + Glass IG blind, and not the entire window or door in which the ODL® Blinds + Glass IG blind is installed. No catalogs or promotions may state or imply that the full assembly of the door or window is certified to the Best for Kids safety rating.


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