Blink Blinds + Glass Operator Replacement


Blink® Blinds + Glass     How to Replace the Operator Track

Instructions for 1" and 7/8" Blinds

The operators on Blink blinds run along an operator track. If this track is damaged or the adhesive becomes loose, it can cause issues with the normal function of your blinds. This video walks through the process of replacing your operator track for both single operator and dual operator blind units.


More Resources

How to re-engage the blind operator

Occasionally, the operator for your blinds between glass can come loose from the internal magnets, causing the blind to not operate properly. If your operator comes loose, the operator magnets have become disengaged. Re-engaging the magnets is easy, and this video shows you how to do it.

How to clean the window or door glass

Although the Blink enclosed blinds in your window or door never require dusting, the glass itself must be kept clean to ensure easy operation. If operating your blind is taking more force than usual, you might need to clean the glass. This video explains how to clean the glass properly.

How to exercise the blinds for proper lowering

If the Blink blinds between glass in your window or door have been in a raised position for a long time, the blinds might not lower properly when first lowered. "Exercising" the blinds will correct this issue. This video shows you how to exercise your built-in blinds as needed.