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Blink® Blinds + Glass
Brand Anthem

Building on our 70-year history of developing IG panels for doors, ODL continues to innovate in the blinds-between-glass category, where we have been the industry leader for over 20 years. Learn more about our latest innovation, Blink Blinds + Glass and our culture at ODL.


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Add play to the everyday

Blink Blinds + Glass is a part of your everyday life without you even noticing. Blink allows you to enjoy life without all the worry and hassle of traditional blinds. Blink can even provide a little play along the way.


How it works

Check out how easy it is to use the Blink Blinds + Glass controller to adjust your blinds between glass. But be prepared: you may find yourself dancing along.


Let your creativity shine through

Letting you get creative and enjoy family time is just another way Blink Blinds + Glass enhances your everyday life.